Shiplog #12 01 Dec 2021: WeAreCruiseShipEarth

Since the last report our cruise ship Earth has journeyed at least 150 million kilometers, alongside its mothership Sun, in the direction of the G Cloud. In that period your reporter used his spare time to develop a new business case, together with partners:


WeAreCruiseShipEarth is a non-profit organisation that sells carerights for Earth to raise funding for research into the long-term future habitability of this planetary cruise ship. Your reporter is member of the organisation and contributes with his expertise on the astrophysical limits to that habitability.

Planetary cruise ship “Earth” is model no. 249 in the sales catalog of planetary cruise ship models by WeAreCruiseShipEarth. The ship is in reasonable condition (see here for pics of the ship and cruise). Cruise ship operations have been fully autarkic, except for the last ~0.003% of its trip. WeAreCruiseShipEarth puts Earth on sale to fund its return to fully autarkic operations. This effort has an estimated cost to completion of 18000 billion euros (indexed to 2021). Stocks of carerights are publicly offered to any lifeform, both Earth-based or alien. Carerights deals start already at €4.35. Carerights are entrusted in the understanding that the co-caretaker will adhere to the guidelines for co-careright of planetary cruise ships to the best of co-caretaker’s capabilities. The team at WeAreCruiseShipEarth estimates that half of the human population of 8 billion is prepared to adhere to the guidelines. For this reason the price of one full stock is set at €4,350.00. With a price-to-book ratio over 15 the offerings are an extremely good bargain.

Please visit for how to buy a stock and other information.

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