Shiplog #13 Xmas 2021: cruisin’ down Noordlaren

Since the last report our cruise ship Earth has journeyed almost 30 million kilometers, alongside its mothership Sol, in the direction of the G Cloud. On the second day of Xmas your reporter felt an indefinable gratitude that there was the exceptional possibility for him to not only do some outdoor skating but also get interviewed by a reporter of the Universe Today. Universe Today is a Galactic wide media house, subsidiary of the famous Infinidim Enterprises / Megadodo Publications corporation. Here is the interview*.

* Note to english-speaking blog readers: my apologies that the interview is in Dutch. I started out in English, but then the reporter immediately intervened, informing me that Dutch has been adopted quite a while now as the lingua franca in the Milky Way. In fact he chuckled at the idea that English plays this role on Earth. “Let me stay polite by pointing out it is a rather unfortunate choice. To say the least.”

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