Shiplog #14 01 Feb 2022: Cruisin’ to Iceland

Since the last report our cruise ship Earth has journeyed about 33 million kilometers, alongside its mothership Sun, in the direction of the G Cloud. In that time the team from WeAreCruiseShipEarth has learned interesting stuff through a visit at deck location Iceland.


We are the team from WeAreCruiseShipEarth. Have you ever been on a cruise ship like this 🛳 ? Not us. However, we think you are in fact already on another type of cruise ship. It’s gigantic. It’s called Earth 🌍.

Why we think Earth is a cruise ship? 

  • it is huge,
  • it is sailing through the Universe, 
  • it carries a lot of passengers,
  • it is not travelling for business… it must be for fun, 

…that’s exactly the definition of a cruise ship! And sure, when we have a look at the scheduled events in the travel plan of cruise ship Earth, we do see several exciting things coming up! 

We, at WeAreCruiseShipEarth,  are working hard to ensure that the passengers have a comfortable journey to those events. Therefore we started very recently to work on an one-billion-year operating manual for Cruise Ship Earth. That will be a manual for literally everything: from the cute bedroom lamps to the largest engines for the generation of on-board power. The strategy of WeAreCruiseShipEarth is to maximise recyclability of everything. Then you can produce over and over again the stuff that makes life comfortable. All this requires technology, money and energy. Human mammals are good at technology. Moreover, human mammals are by far the best shipmates when it comes to generating money with minimum use of energy. They achieve 4euros per Watt. The rest of the shipmates (i.e.,biosphere) achieves just 10cents per Watt.  But don’t get cocky in case you are a human mammal…they beat you big time when it comes to recycling. They reach 100%, whereas human mammals reach perhaps as low as 20%. The solution is to combe the money-making & technology-making power of human mammals with the smart recycling solutions by the rest of the biosphere. 

We know…we know….that’s a lot of work. But we can take our time: there is still millions and millions of years left on the cruise. You and us will not be there anymore in a billion years from now. We at WeAreCruiseShipEarth don’t care. What is important for us is that as many members in the family of life (8.7 million species and counting…) will have fun. If that includes human mammals that is a nice extra, but not too important. The important thing is that we work towards the right solutions that make most of Life happy. 

Want to know more: have a look here. A recording of a recent public lecture will be added in the near future:

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