As survey astronomer, my research is focussing on astronomical and data science (systems) topics that exploit large-scale surveys:

  • detection of rare objects: high-redshift quasars, strong gravitational lenses
  • serendipitous harvests: asteroids and comets in extragalactic surveys
  • photometric calibration at the signal-to-noise limit over large areas: low-surface brightness galaxies
  • high-precision relative and absolute astrometry: proper motions of stars, asteroids and comets
  • data science systems: extreme data lineage for quality assessment of large complex data sets

See the ADS for a listing of papers.

Recently, I am also combining my interest in data-intensive astronomy with my interest in the long-term future of the habitability of Earth. I focus on improving our knowledge of the orbits and compositions of near-earth asteroids & comets. To avoid a rock “hitting the windshield” of our spaceship.

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